10 oz. Polycarbonate Shaker with Yellow Lid for Ground Cheese

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    About this item

    • HIGHLY DURABLE: This polycarbonate spice shaker is nearly unbreakable and is more resistant to impact than other plastic materials.
    • HEAT RESISTANT: Made of flame retardant materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. It is ideal for restaurant kitchens and outdoor grilling use.
    • CUT DOWN ON COSTS: This durable polycarbonate spice container has a longer lifespan reducing the expenses that would go toward replacements.
    • LIGHT IN WEIGHT: The Polycarbonate Shaker is lighter than glass making it easier to transport for remote events.
    • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 3.8 inches L x 3. 1 inches W x 4.3 inches H. Clear. Polycarbonate. Yellow lid.

    Note: Color may vary.