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Aluminum Pie Plate 11"
Aluminum Pie Plate 11"
Aluminum Pie Plate
Aluminum Pie Plate
Aluminum Pie Plate

Aluminum Pie Plate 11" TOP KITCHEN NSF certified

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Commercial Aluminum Pie Plate 11" is used to bake your favorite pies with apple, lemon meringue or chocolate cherry.

If you would like to make a perfect pie, you can not only use poor pie pans; instead, use a good quality pan to bake a nice pie. This Top Kitchen pie pan will be your best choice whether you are at restaurant, café, bakery or diner. This pie pan is oven safe and freezer safe.  With the open rim, Top Kitchen’s pie pans not only meet the request of NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), but also be easily cleaned by dishwasher machine. This pan is a great cost-effective way to make pies.

 Durable Design:

With 0.7mm thickness aluminum and open bead, it is strong and durable to use.

Nice Surface:

Polished by hand, the surface is more beautiful than satin polish.

Open Bead

Compared to close bead pie pan, our open bead design is easy to clean and meets the request of NSF. The old design of closed bead is easy to hide dirty in the rim.

Heats Evenly

Much better than stainless steel or galvanized steel, Top Kitchen’s pie pans are made of pure Aluminum. This allows the heat to flow more evenly and helps the pie bake evenly.


Depth                    1.18 Inches

Bottom Diameter   9 Inches

Interior Diameter   11 Inches

Top Diameter        12 inches

Color                     Silver

Gauge                   21

Shape                   Round