Commercial Tapered Aluminum Sauce Pan 3 mm Thick

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  • Offers a dependable, lightweight, and economical option that won't break your budget
  • Constructed of 3 mm thick aluminum for superior heat distribution and consistency
  • Tapered design is ideal for cooking at lower temperatures for extended lengths of time due to limited heat exposure
  • Riveted handle design ensures a secure connection and promotes longevity
  • Flared sides promote good stirring, making it perfect for custards and sauces
TKASP-1 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 1.5Qt. 3.0mm 6''×4''
TKASP-2 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 2.75Qt. 3.0mm 8''×4  1/4''
TKASP-3 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 3.75Qt. 3.0mm 9''×4  1/2''
TKASP-4 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 4.5Qt. 3.0mm 9 1/4''×5  1/6''
TKASP-5 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 5.5Qt. 3.0mm 10''×5  1/8''
TKASP-7 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 7Qt. 3.0mm 10 3/4''×5  5/8''
TKASP-10 Sauce Pans Aluminum, 10Qt. 3.0mm 3.0mm 12''×5 3/5''