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Perforated Sheet Pan
Perforated Sheet Pan

Commercial-20-Gauge Aluminum Sheet Pan/Bun Pan, Perforated, 13"x 18"x 1"(Half Size)Pack of 1

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With great strength and durable aluminum, this sheet pan has rust resistant surface. It can withstand both high heat and cold temperatures. Top Kitchen’s perforated aluminum pan increases air flow and allows heat to circulate around product. The pans are easy to stack, it can save the valuable kitchen space. The bun pan is convenience to clean with soap and water. Hand wash only in order to keep the quality.



The bead of the pan is closed and it makes the pan more durable to use. The closed bead is not as sharp as open bead.



Compared to loosely perforated sheet pan, Top Kitchen’s perforated sheet pan is closely perforated. It make your crust more evenly baked.



Depth           1 Inches

Bottom Diameter   16 1/2 x 11 3/4 Inches

Top Diameter   13x17 3/4 inches

Color            Silver

Gauge            20

Shape            Rectangle