Professional Commercial Restaurant-grade Wooden Pizza Peel

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  • Durable Material: Food grade well-designed wooden peel.
  • Convenient to use: The handle is smooth and comfortable to grip. The pizza blade can be easily slided under pizza.
  • Multi usages: Ideal for removing pizzas, bread, cakes, and baked foods from oven.
  • Attention: Do not slide pizza directly off the peel. Please sprinkle with flour, or milled wheat bran.
  • Easy to clean: It's convenient to clean with soap and water. Hand wash only in order to keep the quality.

PPW-1222  Wooden Pizza Peel 12''x14'', 22'' (Overall)
PPW-1236  Wooden Pizza Peel 12''x14'', 36'' (Overall)
PPW-1242  Wooden Pizza Peel 12''x14'', 42'' (Overall)
PPW-1424  Wooden Pizza Peel 14''x16'', 24'' (Overall)
PPW-1436  Wooden Pizza Peel 14''x16'', 36'' (Overall)
PPW-1442  Wooden Pizza Peel 14''x16'', 42'' (Overall)
PPW-1642  Wooden Pizza Peel 16''x18'', 42'' (Overall)
PPW-1842  Wooden Pizza Peel 18''x18'', 42'' (Overall)
PPW-2042  Wooden Pizza Peel 20''x21'', 42'' (Overall)