Professional Round Pastry Oil Brush with Boar Bristle and Plastic Ferrule

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  • The perfect size for basting meats or spreading egg wash onto pastry crusts.
  • This high quality lacquered hardwood handle and brown nylon ferrules allows your kitchen to have a professional and high quality feel.
  • The brush is durable and secure for basting meats and pastries.
  • Water resistant bristles for quick drying and easier application.
  • This wooden handled 1" round pastry/basting brush is great for your smaller cooking projects.

Handle Length: 9 3/4"
Bristle Trim: 2"
Bristle Width: 1 1/16"
Length: 12 1/8"

TKWPBB-10R Pastry Brushes-Plastic Ferrule, 1'' Round    Boar Bristle